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Yandere modern Encanto x Emotionless!Fem!Reader x Yandere modern Kny Y/N Madrigal,the only child of Bruno Madrigal who is known as the black sheep while Y/N his child is. THE DEMON SLASHER (RENGOKU X READE.


Rengoku is not set with y/n decisions.

Kyojuro would be one of the sweetest yandere’s you could have. . And now the lucky tradition would fall upon Y/n L/n.


. First, she got separated from her brother, leaving her lost and vulnerable. .

And now the lucky tradition would fall upon Y/n L/n. .

Until one day a powerful warrior drove the demons away freeing the humans of them.

And, to that anon who sent me a request for Kyō with a lover who has.

Dec 23, 2020 · class=" fc-falcon">yeah, they’re both striving for your affections, but they take an oath to protect you from others. believing himself to be her only source of happiness.

| You are obsessed with finding someone to love you because you can't love yourself ━━ This is a kny x reader boyfriemd scenarios I made a year ago. The silence was almost too much for you and just as you opened your mouth to say more, he beat you to it.

they like to “share” you; Akaza gets you some days, Kyojuro gets the others.

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°×Yandere Demon Slayer x Mother!Spider!Reader×°—It's difficult being you, very difficult.

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Rengoku is slow yet precise when he eats your pussy. He loves sucking your clit into his mouth, moaning around it and making your body shake as he abuses your cute little bud. Kyojuro isn’t having any of that and wants to make sure you’re okay. . There is another side a more vicious side to the Hashiras. .

Colleagues to Lovers.

he’s never been a jealous person at all, and he was always happy when the people he cared about got along with each other. .

Yandere Kyojuro x reader “My children, have you noticed something different with Kyojuro?" "His voice isn’t as comfortable as it used to be, Oyakata-sama.


Just cats? : Kimetsu no yaiba x re.

I get it.

Yandere Husband Kyojuro Rengoku x Reader ~ Trophies.